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Bodrum, which was built on Halicarnassus, one of the oldest settlements of antiquity, is also Turkey's most important holiday paradise opening to the world from the Aegean,

with its unique architectural structure, white painted houses, history and atmosphere decorated with bougainvillea. Bodrum, the perfect combination of green nature, turquoise waters and sunlight, will welcome you with beautiful views from every corner. Ports, castles, ancient theatres. Countless beauties will fascinate you at every step you take.


In Gümbet, one of the most entertaining places on the Bodrum Peninsula, you can find many different entertainment venues, from nightclubs where famous musicians take the stage, small cafes where you can listen to live music, entertaining pubs and karaoke bars.


A must-see for those who love fresh seafood in Bodrum, Yalıkavak is always a lively holiday resort with beautiful fish restaurants lined up by the coast. Quality restaurants, stylish cafes, shops and shopping centers in Yalıkavak Marina, one of Turkey's most luxurious and largest marinas, are the first places that local and foreign tourists visit in the town.


Bitez is home to Bodrum's most fascinating and longest bay. Bitez streets, decorated with white-painted and blue-windowed stone architecture boutique hotels and cute ice cream shops where you can eat the famous Bitez ice cream, are among the most beautiful places in Bodrum to take evening trips.

Located on Bodrum / Turgutreis Road, Bodrum Antique Theater dates back to BC. A masterpiece that has survived from the 4th century Classical Antiquity. Bodrum Antique Theater, one of the oldest ancient theaters in Anatolia and built against the sea on the southern slope of Göktepe, was used for activities such as animal sacrifices to the gods in ancient times. Today, the ancient theater hosts many international concerts, theater performances and artistic events.

Another of Bodrum's historical treasures worth seeing is the impressive Myndos Gate. B.C. The Myndos Gate, built in 360, is one of the gigantic entrance gates of the Ancient City of Halicarnassus, one of the largest ancient cities in the region, and consists of 2 monumental towers.

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Fethiye hosted many different civilizations throughout the history, as being placed on the west side of the Mediterranean Region of Turkey where it neighbors the Aegean Region. Its bays opening to the sea under the shadow of its slopes decorated with pine forests offer a fabulous visual feast.

This historical town bears the deep traces of the Lycian civilization, on one side the Dead Sea, the hidden paradise of the world, on the other side Saklıkent, famous for its valleys where the Eşen river flows, with Kayaköy, an abandoned Greek village, Tilos Ancient City with a history dating back to the 12th century B.C.... in short, Fethiye offers a lot to discover.

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Marmaris is a paradise where you can see all the shades of green and blue in twelve months of the year.

The abundance of bays on the long coastline, being a natural harbor, being close to ancient cities, natural beauties, blue cruise opportunities, modern marinas, and the fact that the bay provides all kinds of water sports make this city unforgettable.

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It is a cute village in the Fethiye district of Muğla province, located on the south-west coast of Turkey.

Gocek bays, each with a different beauty, create a natural handicraft combined with the harmony of nature. Göcek bays are one of the rare places in the world where many different shades of green and blue can be seen.

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Çeşme, located in the Aegean Region, was established at the very tip of the peninsula that bears its name, and was called a small port by the sailors.

However, due to the abundant spring waters in and around Çeşme, the fountains that multiplied over time and where ice-cold waters flowed, the region was called Çeşme. Çeşme, which is the pearl of İzmir, which changes over time, is at the top of the holiday resorts with its healing hot waters, blue flag beaches, white sandy beaches, the clarity of the sun, and its vibrant and sparkling nightlife.

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Being the 3rd largest city of Turkey, İzmir is one of the most important cities of all ages as one of the closest ends of Anatolia to Europe. Being the most important gateway of Anatolia to the Aegean Sea, the city's geographical and strategic location makes it one of the livable brand cities.

Izmir is the pearl of Turkey. We can say that it is a paradise on earth, especially with its historical ancient cities such as Ephesus and Milet, and beaches such as Çeşme - Alaçatı, of course, with its Kordon. Especially the area right next to Kordon, where the clock tower is located, is a place that has become the symbol of İzmir, where people meet. İzmir embraces you with a smile, with its Basmane, Karşıyaka and the indispensable taste of the morning called Boyoz.

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Alaçatı, a seaside town in the Çeşme district, approximately 70 kilometers from the city center of İzmir, has been a settlement used since ancient times.

Alaçatı is interesting and beautiful in all seasons with its lively narrow streets, stone houses with bay windows, authentic venues and designer shops. During the summer, its beautiful streets adorned with bougainvillea are full. When Alaçatı is mentioned, the first things that come to mind are surf, wind, stone houses, mills, narrow streets and ice cream with mastic.

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