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Cappadocia is a renowned region within Anatolia. It is home to many ancient sites, but the more famous attraction is the strange Fairy Chimney rock formations found throughout the area.

One of the most important towns in the region is Göreme, which boasts houses and buildings cut out from the surrounding cliff faces. Tourists can also enjoy some memorable sightseeing from the air, as hot-air ballooning is one of the more popular activities.

Göreme Open Air Museum

One of Turkey's UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Göreme Open-Air Museum is an essential stop on any Cappadocian itinerary and deserves a two-hour visit. First an important Byzantine monastic settlement that housed some 20 monks, then a pilgrimage site from the 17th century, this splendid cluster of monastic Byzantine artistry with its rock-cut churches, chapels and monasteries

Underground Cities

The Derinkuyu underground city is an ancient multi-level underground city which is extending to a depth of approximately 60 m (200 feet), it is large enough to have sheltered as many as 20,000 people together with their livestock and food stores. It is the largest excavated underground city in Turkey and is one of several underground complexes found across Cappadocia. The underground cities and structures are carved out of unique geological formations. They may have been used as hiding places during times of raids.

Hot Air Ballooning

Flying in a hot air balloon is an amazing experience, which you 'll remember forever. Ballooning is both serene and thrilling, offering breath taking views and a feeling of freedom which is totally unique.

Zelve Mapping

What about an experience on Cappadocia’s nature and history accompanied by a wonderful acoustic and light show in this unique place having been included in World Heritage list by UNESCO since 1985

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